Behavioral Management

“Behavioral Management of Dementia”
By Ricardo Barrera, Ph.D.


  • The participant will be able to identify:
  • The primary and secondary behavioral symptoms of dementia.
  • The principles of behavior management.
  • The sources of behavioral problems in demented patients.
  • The principles and strategies for effective behavior management of: agitation, aggression, sleep disturbances, suspiciousness, and wandering.


  • This program will review:
  • Primary diagnosis and symptoms of dementia.
  • Secondary behavioral symptoms of dementia.
  • Principles of behavior management.
  • Sources of behavioral problems.
  • Principles of effective behavior management of dementia.
  • Strategies for managing behavioral problems.

Information About the Speaker
Dr. Ricardo Barrera is the Director of Neurobehavioral Services at New Bedford Rehabilitation Hospital in New Bedford, MA. He is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.